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Using Flash or Jump drives with Terminal Services


To Log on to Terminal Services:

Click Start - Run

Type in - mstsc (all lower case)

Click "OK".

A small window will open titled "Remote Desktop Connection".

Type in: (all lower case)

Click "Connect"

A screen will open up with a login window.

Type in your Barton user name, (you may need to put admin\username)

Type in your Barton password,

Make sure "Log on to:" is set to ADMIN

Then click "OK".

You will then be logged in to your terminal services session.

From here you have access to all your files in your "G" drive folder.

At the top of your screen you will notice a tool bar. This indicates you are using terminal services.

To minimize your terminal service screen you can click on the "minus - " sign in the terminal services tool bar at the top of your screen. This will take you back to the current screen on your computer.

To maximize your terminal services screen, click on the link in your tool bar located at the bottom of your screen entitled, "tsadmin - Remote Desktop."

Do not use the "X" to close your terminal services connection.
See the directions below for ending your terminal services session.


To end your terminal services session:

With your terminal services screen open:

Click "Start".

Log Off

A small window will open asking you if you want to log off.

Verify that you want to end your session by clicking on the "Log Off" button.

You have ended your terminal services session and are returned to your computer screen.



Log in to the terminal server as noted above.

Double click on the Email Microsoft Office Outlook icon.

Click "Next".

When asked "Would you like to configure an E-mail account?" make sure "Yes" is selected and click "Next".

Auto Account Setup click "Next".

Click "Finish".

You will automatically go into your email and in the first box, remove the check mark and click "OK".

In the second box, put a checkmark in the box and click "OK".

In the third box click "no".

You're in your email now.



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