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Just to get a handle on this subject, let’s group printers into three basic categories

  • Single function printers work well for all around printing needs.
  • Multifunction printers combine other features such as copy, scan, and fax capabilities.
  • Photo quality printers are specifically designed to print, as you would guess, photographs


From here we’ll sub-categorize them by the way they print:

  • Inkjet/DeskJet - Available for color as well as basic black-and-white printing. Good for general all around document and photo printing.
  • LaserJet -  Usually faster, better quality printing. Color laser printers are typically more expensive.


Laser printers are typically more expensive than ink jet printers. Laser toner cartridges usually last longer (able to print more) than ink jet cartridges. Laser printers generally have a longer life span than inkjet printers. My suggestion is to look for the deals and check the cost for replacement/toner ink before you buy.printers

Today’s printers generally work with both PCs and Macs right out of the box. A USB cable is typically the connection of choice. Other connection types are Ethernet, WI-Fi, and Bluetooth. Some printers also come with a built in connection for digital cameras. Some printers have memory card slots and can print without being attached to a computer.

Need to print and don’t have a printer?

Good news, we have shared printers. Students can print in most of our computer labs.

Barton County campus students can also print from their laptops wirelessly to the reference desk printer located in the South end of the Library.  Library printing guidelines must be followed.

Instructions on how to install the printer: Installing Library Reference Desk Printer

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