Information Services



Printer Issues

  • If you are experiencing difficulty printing, please try the following
    • Check the printer to see if it is out of paper
    • Check the printer for a paper jam and gently remove the jammed paper
    • Replace ink cartridge or toner catridge, if needed
    • Check to see that the tape strip at the bottom of the printer cartridge has been removed


Software Issues

  • If you are experiencing a software problem, such as a program locking up, please try the following
    • Press the Ctrl, the Alt and the Delete keys simultaneously
    • Choose Task Manager
    • Choose Application Tab
    • Click the program you wish to discontinue
    • Click End Task (may take up to a minute or two to terminate)


 Monthly Maintenance

  • Delete Temporary Files
    • Click the Start button
    • Choose Windows
    • Choose Temp
    • Delete all files (some may not delete, this is OK)

  • Scan hard drive for viruses on Barton computers
    • Right click the OfficeScan icon near the clock (Blue octagon)
    • Choose Update Now
    • Click Update Now in popup window, allow update to complete
    • Right click theOfficeScanicon near the clock (Blue octagon)
    • Chose OfficeScan Console
    • Click on the hard drive (usually the C drive)
    • Click "Scan"

  • Internet Explorer
    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Choose Tools
    • Choose Internet Options
    • On General Tab, under Browsing History
      • check box for Delete browsing history on exit
      • Click Delete... button
      • Check all boxes EXCEPT Preserve Favorites website data
      • Click Delete
    • Click OK
  • Disk Cleanup
    • Click the Start button
    • Choose Programs
    • Choose Accessories
    • Chose System Tools
    • Choose Disk Cleanup
    • Click OK
    • In popup, check all boxes
      • Click OK
      • Click Delete Files
  • Disk Defragmenter
    • Click the Start button
    • Choose Programs
    • Choose Accessories
    • Chose System Tools
    • Choose Disk Defragmenter


Routine Maintenance

  • Clean Screen
    • Shut off monitor first
    • Wipe screen
  • Clean Keyboard
    • Shake dust out of keyboard
    • Wipe off keys

  • Connections
    • Check and see if cords are appropriately and safely attached


User Notes

In order to ensure that your PC is in good working order, please remember the following:

  • Downloading non-work related software may damage or slow your machine
  • Using only the blank screen or scrolling marquee screen saver will free up system resources
  • Use caution during Internet use to avoid viruses
  • Use a password, lock down or shut off monitor when leaving machine unattended
  • Use Barton computer systems only for Barton-related activities
  • Avoiding the use of 3rd party software will decrease the number of computer "glitches"


Also remember:

  • Users should create a plan detailing how work will be completed in the event of an extended computer outage
  • When contacting Computer Help (ext. 100):
    • Copy any error messages and add to email request for help
    • Note any beeps or other noises
    • Detail what steps you have taken to address the problem





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